2023 Booking

04/02/22 . The 2023 diary is shaped by the Sule Skerry bird ringers and their need to syncronise with the puffins fledging. They are now in the diary so I am hanging other weeks onto that schedule.

Possible charters that could still be organised: a run from the West Coat to Orkney (eg, Ullapool to Stromness), St kilda in May/June, North Isle Orkney in August/early Sept.

The schedule is far from fixed at this stage so if you have any ideas that would shape the itinerary, please get in touch and we can have the conversation and shape things to suit.

2023 Diary

Week noDateSpacesLocation
last diary update: 02/01/22

9/104th/5th March12 SpacesSoM
10/1111th/12th March12 SpacesSoM
11/1218th/19th March12 spacesSoM
12/1325th/26th March12 SpacesSoM
13/141st/2nd April12 SpacesSoM
14/158th/9th April12 SpacesSoM
15/1615th/16th April12 SpacesSoM
16/1722nd/23rd April12 SpacesSoM
1830th - 5th May12 SpacesWest Coast
197th - 12th May12 SpacesWest Coast
2014th - 19th May12 SpacesWest Coast
2121st - 26th May12 SpacesWest Coast
2228th - 1st June12 SpacesWest Coast
234th - 9th June12 SpacesWest Coast
2410th - 15th June12 SpacesWest Coast
3313th - 18th August12 SpacesOrkney
3420th - 25th August12 SpacesOrkney
3527th - 1st Sept12 SpacesOrkney
363rd - 8th Sept12 SpacesScapa
3710th -15th Sept12 SpacesScapa
3924th - 29th September12 SpacesScapa
418th - 13th October12 SpacesScapa
4215th - 20th October12 SpacesScapa
4322nd - 27th October12 SpacesScapa
4429th - 3rd November12 SpacesScapa
455th - 10th November12 SpacesScapa
4612th - 17th November12 SpacesScapa
4719th - 24th November12 SpacesScapa

Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in a week.


2023 Prices  
Scapa Flow/SoM
Per head, catered live aboard£165per diving day
10% discount for full group
Oxygen£0.025per litre
Helium£0.07per litre

Please Note: Sound of Mull and West Coast weeks are fully catered. Scapa Flow is half board (breakfast and lunch only).

Please read our booking terms and conditions carefully before sending a deposit with booking form.

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