2024 Booking


04/03/24 Update.

July in Norway and Under 25’s Half Price

The season is now underway and spaces are appearing in weeks. Have a look through the calendar for the spaces and drop me a line if you are keen.

*If you are 24 or younger at the time of your charter in 2024 your space will be half price! You must be over 18 and be fully qualified and properly experienced for the dives planned on the charter. Offer applied at skippers discretion.

2024 Diary

Week noDateSpacesLocation
last diary update: 16/7/24
2623rd - 28th June4 SpacesNorway
2730th - 5th July5 SpacesNorway
287th - 12th July4 SpacesNorway
3128th - 2nd August1 SpacesNorway
378th - 13th September 5 SpacesScapa
3922nd - 27th September6 SpacesScapa
4213th - 18th October12 SpacesScapa
4320th - 25th October12 SpacesScapa
453rd - 8th November3 SpacesScapa
4610th - 15th November6 SpacesScapa
4717th - 22nd November12 SpacesScapa
4824th - 29th November12 SpacesScapa


I have pretty much kept price increases to the minimum possible: costs are not headed north with the same velocity as the start of the year so hopefully those pressures are easing.

2024 Prices
Under 25? Your charter is half price!
Scapa Flow/SoM
Per head, catered live aboard£185per diving day
Cost/head/week, catered live aboard£2000.00per week

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