Frequently Asked Questionables

This pages lists the most common questions and hopefully answers all those little niggling questions that create doubt in your mind!

What’s included in a charter?

The charter price includes all the diving and accommodation whilst aboard the boat. The only things charged extra are nitrox and food (unless on a catered week). I keep a tally and charge you on the last day. The following is included:

  • 2x dives per day
  • Accommodation
  • Air fills
  • Lead
  • Cylinders
  • All bedding (bring a towel)
  • Beverages (tea, coffee, chocolate)
  • Oh!.. bring your own towel!


All bedding is provided: duvet, pillow, sheets etc. You do not need to bring a sleeping bag unless you choose. All the bunks are long enough for me and I’m 6ft 3in.

Bring your own towel, though I do have a selection of laundered towels that have been left by previous groups if you forget!

Diving Cylinders

I have the following cylinders that can be hired (please book in advance – except Norway where they are included):

  • 15 L, steel
  • 12 L, steel
  • 3 L CCR diluent/oxygen cylinders
  • 2 L CCR diluent/oxygen cylinders
  • Twin 12 L, manifold with SS bands at 11inch hole spacing
  •  7 L aluminium stage/bailout cylinders with rigging kit
  • 8o cuft (11 L) aluminium stage/bailout cylinders with rigging kit
  • I have a number of stage/bailout cylinders that I can hire out at a day rate.
  • I have a number of manifolded twin 12 L twinsets that I can hire out at a day rate.

All cylinders have a removable insert and so can receive either A Clamp or DIN fitting regulators, as pictured. Cylinders are all in oxygen service and fit for NITROX.

The valves are all single take off: there are no “H” style valves as popular in France and I will not remove my pillar valves to put your pillar valve in should you bring one.

Cylinders are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Nitrox, O2/He/Air

I carry Oxygen on the boat to mix Nitrox to any gas required between dives, from 21% to 100%. A tally of Oxygen usage is kept and billed at the end of the week. The cost can be found on the appropriate diary page.

I do not do top ups – if you ask for a fill you will be charged for that fill regardless of what was left from any previous dive. All cylinders receiving oxygen must be in O2 service as specified by industry guidelines. You must be qualified to use any gas you request.


If you want Nitrox, you will need to bring your own analyser. There is an analyser on the boat but I do not lend it out (I used to, but too frequently it never returned!).

I will analyse your gas to check my mixing and for pricing but you need to check any gas yourself before diving with it. Always analyse your own gas and do it with your own analyser.


I don’t routinely carry Helium but can get it in at short notice so please specify in advance if you will be using Trimix. A tally of Helium usage is kept and billed at the end of the week. The cost can be found on the appropriate diary page.

I frequently have a banked supply of 18/35 for rebreather diluent bottles but please check before arrival. I dive CCR so pretty much always dive a helium dil. I can supply Open Circuit helium but the gas must be booked in advance. Helium is too expensive to keep any great quantity in stock.

Gas Booster

There is a gas booster aboard the boat so I can fill O2 to 200bar for rebreathers. You may bring your own gas. If you then ask me to boost it, I will charge you corkage.


I rarely bother with Argon, however, if you ask in advance, I can acquire a cylinder for your use.