Diving Facilities

Here on the Clasina, we know what divers need and our aim is to minimize faff, maximise fun and help you make the most of the time underwater.

Sturdy kitting-up benches are located around the edges of the dive deck, with ropes tied to rails to fasten cylinders securely (best using a round turn and two half hitches!). Large green gear gulpers are stored under the benches for you to stow your dive kit safely throughout the week. There is a spacious changing room in the forepeak for dry suits to be hung to dry. Large buckets are also available, one for rinsing masks, the other specifically for cameras. The Clasina is equipped with a dive lift on the starboard side of the vessel, making diver recovery a doddle. A rope hangs at the water line from the lift for buddies to be able to wait their safe exit.

The Clasina is equipped with a dive lift on the starboard side of the vessel, making diver recovery a doddle

Gas & Cylinders

Air fills for the week are included in the charter price.

We no longer routinely provide cylinders aboard the boat for your use. However, we have a stock of cylinders of different sizes that can be booked, please get in contact to reserve what you need.

Nitrox is also available and can be pumped between dives. If other gasses, such as Helium and Argon, are required, please mention this at time of booking. You will need to bring your own O2 analyser.


Lead weights are available in 4 and 6lb (2 and 3kg) blocks: please bring your own belt and weight stops. Webbing style only as the weight blocks may not fit your pouch style belt!

Emergency oxygen

The Clasina carries an oxygen set for use in emergency situations. When diving in Scotland there is now a hyperbaric chamber on 24/7 standby in Stromness so help is not far away should the worst happen. There is a hyperbaric chamber at Bergen in Norway. Treatment is covered by the NHS if you have a current European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).


There will be a dedicated rinse tank for camera equipment on the dive deck where required. Batteries for strobes and dive torches can be charged in cabins via UK 3-pin 240V wall sockets. There is a computer monitor at the dining area that can be plugged into your laptop, or directly to your camera if you have the appropriate connectors to fit a standard male monitor cable plug.

Your Personal Equipment

It goes without saying that your dive kit should be in good order, in service and applicable for the type of diving you will be doing. Despite the skipper and crew being very experienced divers with a good amount of technical knowledge it is not their responsibility to repair, replace or service your equipment, and they won’t!