Why Choose Halton Charters?

We had a think and pondered on the bits of the boat that make us proud, the things that make us unique. The things we aspire to that make us different.

Whether it’s the Flow, Mull, Shetland or Norway, make the boat your topside home from home as you explore all that is on offer beneath the surface. The boat’s crew are a resourceful, easy-going and well-equipped bunch, and we aim to cater for your diving whims and foibles. While we can’t guarantee the weather, we can give you a dive trip to remember.

From the moment you step on board, we want you to get the best out of your Halton diving

UK/temperate water diving is where we are at – we know our diving locations like the back of our hand and like nothing better than getting you in the water so you can discover them for yourselves. And our Skipper’s dive briefings are quite good – mixing in-depth knowledge, inspiring detail and his infamous humour to help turn a good dive into something really special.

With over 20 years’ experience, Bob is also more than happy to steam out to explore and can deliver a tailored charter for a wide range of diving interests. Whether deep wrecks, expedition, scenic, marine life or underwater photography is your thing, there’s a space on the Halton’s deck bench for you.

The team just got stronger with the addition of the Clasina. A sturdy dutch beam trawler, this boat is the perfect way to get to those out-the-way destinations just over the horizon.

Origin and meaning of Clasina

Clasina is a girl’s name, a female version of Nicolaas. This is a composition of the Greek words “nikè” or “victory” and “laos”, which means “people”. So the full name means “conqueror with/of the people”.

The name quickly became popular due to the veneration of Nicolaas van Myra. In the ninth century he was one of the greatest saints and in the tenth and eleventh centuries he became the patron saint of many churches.