Skipper & Crew


Bob – Skipper

Originally Bob came north to Orkney in 1993, attracted by the allure of Scapa Flow. He worked as a commercial diver for four years before becoming a dive boat skipper in 1998. After three years on other boats he finally took the plunge in November 2001 and bought the Halton.

I try to explore as much of the underwater world as I can and dive the places the boat visits myself too.

Bob is a diver too so hopefully can give a fairly accurate impression of what you are going to dive. Bob tries to dive most of the sites that he puts divers in for that very reason… certainly he has explored the vast bulk of the dives on his patch.

The crew as a whole all have a strong marine science background and this knowledge underpins much of the boat exploration. Projects completed so far have researchedconcepts including Blue Carbon, Photogrammetry, diver safety, human factors and habitat mapping.


  • BSc and MSc in Marine Science
  • RYA Yachtmaster Offshore ticket for 60nm off land
  • Master 200t ticket
  • MCA Boatmaster ticket for Scapa Flow 7 North Ilse
  • HSE Commercial Diver
  • O level in Ceramics.

The boat has diving as its heart, driven by staff that are just as passionate about the underwater world as the guests