The Clasina

The 2020 season saw the Clasina take over the work load from the Halton and drive the push for further destinations.

Out of the starting blocks in 2020...

The new boat is a larger steel hulled trawler newly converted with an upgraded level of comfort and more modern facilities. The lessons learned from many years travelling on the Halton have been fed into the equation but mostly there is just more room everywhere!

Room to swing a cat.

We will still be doing what we do best which is to get you in the water on the best sites possible over a wide area and continue to explore the underwater world.

Originally built in Holland as a beam trawler in 1968.

Halton Charters offers full live-aboard charters in the Flow and further afield and can cater for all divers, from technical and wreck obsessives to photographers and squidge lovers (and everything in between). Over the years we have been as far south as Cairnryan, as west as Faroe, as far North as Trondheim and passed through Malin Head, the Hebrides, Moray Firth, Norway, Shetland and beyond.

Built to withstand the worst of the weather for her former life as a trawler

The main accommodation above deck comprises…


  • There is seating for the full group around two tables.
  • An oil fired Rayburn heats the hot water and radiators though out the boat, besides it’s more obvious role as a cooker!
  • All cooking equipment is provided, plates, cutlery, pots and pans and utensils if you wish to self-cater but normally Rach’s food tops up tummys until they are full to bursting.
  • A wall-mounted electric boiling water dispenser for tea and coffee


The boat is built around the deck area with the view to make the diving side of things as easy as possible. Large benches ensure that even a divers fully loaded with CCR and 3 stages can sit side by side without fighting for space. The exit is just a short hop from sitting and the lift is designed with a bench either side to allow some de-kitting before the wander back to your place.

Changing area

Under the whaleback at the front of the boat is a drysuit changing and drying area. There is plenty of storage for camera gear and the other myriad of stuff that needs bringing on any serious dive expedition. But most of all, changing can be done out of the weather and in the warm.

From the changing room to the deck…


There are 3 combined shower/toilet rooms on the boat, two on deck for last minute pre-dive (and post-dive) emergencies and one behind the wheelhouse.


  • There are six twin berth cabins either side of a heated, central corridor.
  • All the bunks are long enough for me, and I’m 6 ft 3 in!
  • All bedding is provided, including sheets, pillows and duvets.
  • There are plenty of plug sockets and USB charging points to keep all your gadgets on the go.
Twin berth cabin.