Sound of Mull

The Sound of Mull is a sheltered haven in the wild hills on the west coast of Scotland. The worst of the weather blows over the mountain tops leaving the rich waters in the lee of the wind. Taking advantage of the shelter, ships use the Sound as a poor weather route. However many of these voyages ended in disaster leaving a trail of shipwrecks for us to explore.

A great way to start the season – sheltered waters with good wrecks and a range of scenic sites holding a wide range of diverse critters. Oban is within an evenings drive of much of the top of England and most of Scotland making the sound a perfect weekend destination.


The Breda lies just outside Oban or Dunstaffnage in the sheltered waters of Armuchnish Bay. This iconic wreck is many folk’s first UK wreck dive allowing easy access to a wreck in easy conditions. She is a massive ship carrying a mixed cargo that was sank by enemy aircraft in the WW2. The wreck now lies upright on a muddy bottom in 32m with a least depth of around 12m allowing a perfect dive profile.

Type of Vessel: Dutch Steamship

Depth: 24-30m

Sinking: Bombed 1942



The Hispania is a firm Sound of Mull favourite. She sank at the north end of the Sound just before Calve Island and is washed by the strong tides making this a slack water dive. The wreck is characterised by the wealth of life growing on the steel but look closely because there is a classic steamship underneath the squidge!

Type of Vessel: Swedish Steamer

Depth: 25-30m seabed

Sinking: Hit Rock 1954


The Shuna is a classic steamship just a stone’s throw from the beach. This ship is living history sitting upright on the seabed.

Type of Vessel: Steamship

Depth: 26-34m

Sinking: Ran Aground 1913


The Rondo hit a small island in the elbow of the Sound of Mull and stuck fast. The ship was slowly salvaged until finally she slipped off the rocks and under the waves. Now the wreck lies on a steep slope where the bows are at the sea bed at 50m but the rudder at the stern is in 6m. She lies opened up and easy to navigate.

Type of Vessel: Steamship
Depth: 6-50m




The Thesis is the first wreck passed as you enter the Sound of Mull, tucked on the north Morvern shore where she met her end.

Type of Vessel: Steamship

Depth: 12-29m

Sinking: Hit Rock 1889

Much of the beauty of the west coast is above the water so we try and visit as many of the far away islands as possible.