2025 Booking

With the 2023 season closing, 2025 is just starting to come into view. The diary is here for reference and planning but please get in touch to discuss ideas. Mid summer will likely be deeper weeks, late summer will likely see a return to Shetland.

2025 Diary

Week noDateSpacesLocation
last diary update: 21/02/24

9/101st/2nd March12 SpacesSoM
10/118th/9th March12 SpacesSoM
11/1215th/16th March12 spacesSoM
12/1322nd/23rd March12 SpacesSoM
13/1429th/30th March12 SpacesSoM
14/155th/6th April12 SpacesSoM
15/1612th/13th April12 spacesSoM
16/1719th/20th April12 SpacesSoM
17/1826th/27th April12 SpacesSoM
1728th - 2nd May12 SpacesWest Coast
184th - 9th May12 SpacesWest Coast
238th - 13th June12 SpacesJutland with Diving in Depth
2415th - 20th June12 SpacesJutland with Diving in Depth
367th - 12th Sept12 SpacesScapa
3821st - 26th Sept7 SpacesScapa
3928th - 3rd Oct September12 SpacesScapa
405th - 10th October12 SpacesScapa
4112th - 17th October12 SpacesScapa
4219th - 24th October12 SpacesScapa
4326th - 31st October12 SpacesScapa
442nd - 7th November12 SpacesScapa Flow
459th - 14th November12 SpacesScapa
4616th - 21st November12 SpacesScapa
4723rd - 28th November12 SpacesScapa

Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in a week.


Prices to be confirmed shortly.

Please Note: Sound of Mull and West Coast weeks are fully catered. Scapa Flow is largely full board (with a night or two in a pub).

Please read our booking terms and conditions carefully before sending a deposit with booking form.

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