Respect our sea

Halton Charters operates a strict no spidge policy on all our trips.

UK diving is awesome, and we want to help keep it that way. Other than photos and happy memories, we ask all divers who come on board the Clasinato adhere to our no take policy from any wrecks or site dives we visit.

The wrecks we visit are part of the rich heritage that surrounds the UK – we like to explore it as much as you do but the we believe the best way to celebrate it is to leave it where it is.

Want a momento – try making a model? We are happy to help you with photogrammetry. Want to record the moment? We are happy to help you take a photo. Want to know more? We are happy to help you research.

Help us help you. We would like to leave what we see behind so the next lot of divers on the wreck can see it too. Having said that, in some places it is not only against our policy but it is against the law:

  • Scapa Flow is a Historic Marine Protected Area and damage will lead to a prosecution.
  • Norway has a very strict no take policy – be fully aware that it is my boat they take off me if you take off the wrecks!