How to book with Halton Charters

This page is a guide for organisers through the four steps of our booking process. Hopefully this will help everything run as smoothly as possible…

Initial Enquiry

You have spoken to me, we have agreed a date and a price and you want to book the boat.


Complete a Booking Form


The booking form is to confirm contact details, dates, number of people, type of charter and location. We will also confirm costs and ask for any other requirements you may have as a group as regards the charter.

The booking form has a reference that you will receive from me and consists of: week_year_Name
( e.g. if you book Xmas 2019 the ref would be 52_19_Santa)

Complete Passenger Details


About a month before the charter we need to gather details from members of the group. This includes detail such as dietary requirements etc. To make life simple, you may wish to circulate an email amongst the group so that people can fill out the form individually and send the result direct to me.

You may want to cut and paste the following text to use as a template:

Hi all… not long to go now until our trip on the MV Halton!

Please would you complete the following short form to help the Halton crew help us whilst aboard. Of particular importance is any dietary requirements, especially allergies etc. Likewise, if there are any other special considerations you need to take into account, please let Bob know in the comments box.

For the booking reference please use: [PASTE YOUR BOOKING REF.]


Please also have a look at their information pages that will hopefully answer any questions you may have leading up to the week, in particular the FAQs. These are in the ‘planning’ menu of the Halton Charters website:

All the best,

Charter Organiser

The form links are as follows:

Orkney & Shetland:


All Divers to Complete Covid Form


In the light of the COVID situation a number of protocols have been implemented to ensure the health and safety of everyone aboard the Clasina.

COVID-19 Declaration Form:

Thats it!

We will be in touch closer to the charter date to make sure there are no other final details. Looking forward to seeing you.